18 June 2019

P.Lemmens recrute un(e) Assistant(e) Achats

P. Lemmens Cy est l’une des 14 usines du groupe suédois Swegon qui est un leader européen dans la ventilation simple et double flux. Elle est [...]

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3 June 2019

Phase out GLOBAL PX (eco)

With the arrival of the new GLOBAL PX, the old GLOBAL PX will graduately be phased out. The GLOBAL PX FW range is not affected and will remain [...]

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Longer lead time on GLOBAL PX 2000, 3000 and 4000 (FW)

There currently is a long lead time on counterflow heat exchangers because of the limited amount of suitable manufacturers. The situation has [...]

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16 May 2019

2019 summer break

Our production and our logistic service will be closed from july 8th to july 22nd. No orders will be produced or will shipped during this period. [...]

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15 May 2019

Replacement filter kit

Since we at the P.Lemmens factory are not equipped to supply consumables because of the expected conditioning of the articles, we encourage you [...]

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23 April 2019

GLOBAL HRunits with aluminum fans

For France, in several applications aluminum fans are mandatory.  Aluminum fans do not have the same aerolical efficiency as composite fans.  [...]

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10 April 2019

Selection software Version

An update of our selection software is now available in the download section of our website.   Changelog Version GLOBAL LP: optionally [...]

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9 April 2019

Delivery times for AHUs with counter flow heat exchangers

P.Lemmens factory in Gembloux secured its annual volume of Eurovent-certified plate heat exchangers. As you might have heard, a major [...]

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4 April 2019

COMPO Wiring diagram

A complete wiring diagram for the COMPO product group has been posted.  The wiring diagram contains a complete overview  of all possible main [...]

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