Passive Haus

The Passive House concept has emerged a couple of years ago in Europe altough the principle is very old, as it was already naturally used in many specific climate regions of the world without any real awareness. This concept has developed year after year and has become today a reference in terms of highly energy efficient buildings.

In this context, the Passive House Institute (PHI) has played a crucial role in the growth of the Passive House concept. The German independent reasearch institue assume today a leading position with regard to research and development of construction concepts, building components, planning tools and quality assurance for highly energy efficient buildings.

Ventilation is critical…So is the ventilation unit !

Passive house buildings are extremely insulated. Therefore a controlled mechanical ventilation is mandatory to ensure good air quality and more, since we are talking about building with extremely low energy consumption, an energy efficient heat recovery unit is required !

To this point, PHI have established some specific requirements for ventilation units with a distinction between:

  • Small ventilation systems ( ≤ 600 m³/h)
  • Large ventilation systems (> 600 m³/h)

These requirements make sure that a ventilation unit can perfectly fit in a Passive House through a tough testing procedure, which provide an assessment of the following things:

  • Internal and external air tightness
  • Heat recovery efficiency
  • Electrical efficiency
  • Acoustical performance
  • Anti-freeze protection of the heat exchanger
  • Supply temperature at cold outdoor air (-10 °C)

Once all the criteria are passed, the ventilation unit can be certified as a “Passive House suitable component” by the PHI.

Our HRmural UP 300/400 ECO units are PHI certified !

The HRmural UP 300 & 400 units, which are our latest developed residential units, have been approved by the Passive House Institute as Passive House certified components.
Find more information by consulting our certificates (see below or HRmural product page) !


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