Selection software Version

An update of our selection software is now available in the download section of our website.


Changelog Version

  • GLOBAL LP: optionally two condensate pumps for sizes 12/13/14/16/18
  • Updated specification of thermal protection for electrical coils
  • GLOBAL LP: Aluminum fans added
  • GLOBAL: SAT BA/KW can now be selected in coil selection screen
  • GLOBAL LP: new Erp LOT6 graph added
  • GLOBAL LP FW: condensate pump as standard in external cooling coils
  • GLOBAL PX (2019): sound levels updated
  • GLOBAL PX (2019): sizes 06 and 04 added
  • All filter classifications updated
  • Filter replacement kit G4 by M5 deactivated
  • GLOBAL PX TOP FW: standard circular connections on supply air and exhaust air
  • GLOBAL PX TOP FW: circular motorized dampers and flexible sleeves added
  • GLOBAL RX: new Erp LOT6 graph added
Selection software Version