Backward curved

  • Backward curved

    P.Lemmens TAC fans with backward blades are centrifugal fans provided with reaction turbines with a small number of very wide, direct-drive blades in which the motor is placed in the air stream. The blades are set towards the front, tilted in the direction opposite the direction of rotation. This very efficient fan equip all our Lemmens ‘ECO’ units.


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MTB 190 EC 83W137073
MTB 190 EC 115W137071
BW 190 EC 170 W Hrm 450721111
BW 250-90 TAC 1/3 HS720125
BW 250-90 TAC 1/3 HS TH720129
BW 315-90 TAC 1/1 HS720126
BW 355-112 TAC 1/1 HS720127
BW 355 EC 1400W721112
BW 400 EC 1850W721113
BW 500 EC 2800W 721114