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    The AIRA, with its elegant and discreet design combined with its technical characteristics, this real air curtain fit in all situations.”


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ModelCIDLenght [mm] Heat exchanger type
AIRAc B10 TAC8200581100Water
AIRAc B20 TAC8200592170Water
AIRAc E10 TAC8200661100Electrical
AIRAc E20 TAC8200672170Electrical
AIRAc V10 TAC8200861100/
AIRAc V20 TAC8200882170/
AIRAc V25 TAC8201042500/
AIRAc B108200551100Water
AIRAc B158200561600Water
AIRAc B208200572170Water
AIRAc B258200972500Water
AIRAc E108200631100Electrical
AIRAc E158200641600Electrical
AIRAc E208200652170Electrical
AIRAc E258200992500Electrical
AIRAc V108200601100/
AIRAc V158200611600/
AIRAc V208200622170/
AIRAc V258201002500/