New GLOBAL type plate

All GLOBAL units are now fitted with a new and improved type plate.


With this new and improved type plate, we provide more and pertinent information for the (service) technician on site.  The most important improvement is arguably the implementation of the QR code.  As from today, it is impossible not to have access to the documentation relevant to the unit! The QR code will redirect the user to a platform where installation manuals, operation manuals, maintenance manuals en technical documentations are available in at least five languages. Another improvement is the implementation of the simplified drawing of the unit. Any installer will understand, regardless of his native language, the function of any of the four duct connections.


The type plate contains at least:


  • The production date (MMYYYYDD)
  • The serial number, in numerical format and as a bar code
  • The nominal airflow. (When referring to a nominal airflow, this is the airflow at 200Pa external pressure, at which the unit is ERP2018 compliant.)
  • The operating weight of the unit
  • The supply voltage of the unit and the the power supply protection of the unit
  • The fan type and the article number (CID) of the replacement fan
  • The controller type and the article number (CID) of the replacement controller
  • The REC-type of the unit, needed when replacing the controller by a default controller
  • A QR-code pointing to a website containing all relevant documents for this specific unit
  • The filter classification according to EN16990
  • A simplified representation of the unit, indicating the function of the four duct connections






New GLOBAL type plate